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Beloved Enemy joined Starquest and Children of the Mist to continue the Destiny Trilogy and I'm thrilled to announce was shortlisted for the R.N.A. RoNA Awards 2017, awarded 2nd Runner up in the RONE Awards 2017 and was the winner in the SF/Fantasy category of the 'Best Banter Contest'.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Destiny Of The Queen, Spotlight and #Giveaway

Destiny of the Queen banner

This is my stop during the blog tour for Destiny of the Queen by Jacqueline Patricks. It's always a pleasure to welcome a fellow SF Romance Author to the Flight Deck. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 29 May till 11 June. See the tour schedule here.

Destiny of the Queen

Destiny of the Queen (The Brajj #3)

By Jacqueline Patricks

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Age category: Adult

Release Date: 6 May, 2017


Can a goddess find redemption? Can a soldier find purpose?

When you think all is lost,

When you believe life is meaningless,

Sometimes your destiny is revealed.

If you’re willing to see the signs,

And brave enough to fight,

Sometimes you can change worlds.

Rejoin Cass, Jeamon, Lewis, and Ta'mat as they deal with the ramifications of Ta'mat's insanity and General Neville's betrayal.
The few Brajj remaining with Cass and Jeamon are now under Dr. Saniya's control.

Meanwhile, a world away, Captain Lewis and Ta'mat struggle with their strange bond inside his mind as they unravel the mystery
of their new circumstances. Where did Ta'mat's wormhole transport them? Why? Is there some greater destiny unfolding? Where does
freewill end and destiny begin?

The stunning conclusion to the Brajj trilogy!

You can find Destiny of the Queen on Goodreads

You can buy Destiny of the Queen here:

- Amazon

- Barnes
& Noble

- Kobo

- Smashwords

- Google

- iTunes

Earlier books in this series!

Dreams of 
the Queen

Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj #1) by Jacqueline Patricks

Dr. Cass Baros is haunted by dreams of an alien world...

...and will do anything to find it.


- Goodreads

- Amazon

- B&N

- Kobo

- Smashwords

- Google

- iTunes

of the Queen

Nightmares of the Queen (The Brajj #2) by Jacqueline Patricks

Their love will be tested by betrayal and deceit.


- Goodreads

- Amazon

- B&N

- Kobo

- Smashwords

- Google

- iTunes

Jacqueline PatricksAbout the Author:

Nominated by The Author Show as Top Female Author 2017, PAN member of the Romance Writers Association, a volunteer with Houston’s Writespace, and a winner of the Seal of Good Writing from the IndiePENdents for her first published novel, Dreams of the Queen.

Jacqueline Patricks’ passion for writing began early in life. Before she published, however, Jacqueline traveled a winding path through the U.S. Army, college, over twenty years in 911 as a paramedic, professional teaching, and all the exciting adventures in between. She currently resides with her husband and four parrots and hopes to meet Mark Twain someday since he understands parrot

“She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that
keeps a parrot.” – Mark Twain

You can find and contact Jacqueline Patricks here:

- Website

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Goodreads

- Amazon

- Newsletter


There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Destiny of the Queen. One winner will win their choice of an e-copy from one
of Jacqueline Patricks's books (INT)

For a chance to win, enter the giveaway below:

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Weekend Writing Warriors - Starquest snippet 4

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warrior and 8 Sentence Sunday, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to read and write fiction! 

Writers share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet on Sunday each week. If you'd like to share your own 8-10 sentence snippet, whether published or not, follow the link and sign up. It's a great community to be a part of!

Be sure to visit the other writers - they're listed in the link Below:

Weekend Writing Warriors for Eight Sentence Sunday

Snippet Sunday Facebook Group

I'm currently posting snippets from Starquest, Volume 1 in the Destiny Trilogy . The more she gets to know the crew, the more Jess feels uneasy about Kerry Marchant, the ship's second in command. The cover for Starquest did not quite depict Jess as I imagined her, in fact the model is very different from the young woman I had in mind. I loved the background but wish I could have asked the cover artist to change the model. This is more like I how imagine Jess:

Here's the link to last week's excerpt

EXCERPT FROM STARQUEST (Slight editing of punctuation to conform with sentence count)

It had been a mistake to bring her on board. 
Kerry Marchant studied Jess out of the corner of his eye while ostensibly examining the circuitry in one of the control panels on the flight deck. But of course they’d had no option, she would have died without their assistance. 

He was struck by how gracefully she moved, the slender curves of her body accentuated by the dark green bodysuit of clinging, soft synthehide. Her thick, flame-red hair hung in waves over her shoulders and down her back. There was no denying she was pretty. He allowed himself a half smile - no she was far more than ‘pretty.’ He’d had his share of beautiful women in the past, although none of them had made a lasting impression. It was not that Kerry disliked women; there were even one or two, like Zeldra, whom he not only liked but admired and respected. He simply did not trust the majority of them. 

This and the other two books in the Destiny Trilogy can be seen and purchased at:

(All three books can be read as 'standalones')

When Jestine Darnell is rescued from her sabotaged starship by the crew of the Destiny her only objective is to complete her mission and keep her promise to save a world from slavery. Love is the last thing on her mind. However, she has not counted on losing her heart to Kerry Marchant the ship’s second in command, who makes his distrust of her painfully obvious, despite the chemistry between them. The completion of her mission has consequences that neither of them could have foreseen. 

Enter Dahll Tarron, who becomes involved in a long and dangerous quest to find the Destiny. Fates become intertwined, perils shared, culminating in the realization that sometimes love may be so close that there is a danger it will not be recognized until it is too late…

For insider news and subscriber-only info, subscribe to my occasional Newsletter. I promise not to spam and your in-box will only see an email from me every 3 or 4 months or so - unless of course I have something really Newsworthy to share!