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Beloved Enemy joined Starquest and Children of the Mist to continue the Destiny Trilogy and I'm thrilled to announce was shortlisted for the R.N.A. RoNA Awards 2017, awarded 2nd Runner up in the RONE Awards 2017 and was the winner in the SF/Fantasy category of the 'Best Banter Contest'.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Weekend Writing Warriors #SundaySnippet - A Wedding scene!

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warrior and 8 Sentence Sunday, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to read and write! We've got a variety of genres and talented writers just waiting for you to come sample their work.

Writers share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet on Sunday each week. Be sure to visit the other writers - they're listed below:

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You may be aware that the UK is rejoicing in wedding fever today, (Saturday)  😁 so I'm sorry, I know I promised you another snippet from Dancing With Fate but I couldn't resist posting a wedding snippet. As it happens, there isn't actually a wedding scene in Dancing With Fate so I hope you'll excuse me for going back to my  Trilogy and 'Children Of The Mist'

(Very slightly edited from published version )

I wish this moment could last forever. We will remember today always. I couldn't imagine a better way to start our life together than here, among all our friends and family. 

He could not stop looking at his bride. Tonight she looked more beautiful than ever. Her hair, free from restraint and gleaming in the light from the lanterns, cascaded like liquid obsidian to her ankles. Tiny silver-white flowers woven into the silky tresses looked, he thought whimsically, like miniature stars against the blackness. Her ivory velvet robe sparkled with thousands of diamond-like crystals, and clung to the curves of her figure. It caressed her slender waist before flaring out into a full skirt sweeping around her feet. He had never seen anything so lovely. 

Two minds united against a common foe. Two hearts afraid to show their love:Long ago Tamarith fell in love with a man she can never have, and is convinced she will never love another. However, she cannot help but be intrigued by a handsome stranger whose psychic powers exceed even her own.

Vidarh seeks only to find his true purpose in life and to win the regard of his father, who eschews his son’s psychic abilities. Thrown together by a common threat to their planet, then torn apart by an evil greater than any they could have imagined, can Vidarh save the lovely Nifl woman who has captivated him, before it is too late?

Will Tamarith and Vidarh overcome the deadly enemy who threatens to destroy all they know and love? Will they find the happiness they both seek? Or are they fated to live their lives alone?

Stop Press - Children of the Mist is going to audio! I'll let you know more when I know myself.

Purchase all three books (or just one, they stand alone, while sharing some of the same characters)  at

I hope you enjoyed the wedding on TV if  you watched it, and wishing Harry and Meghan all the very best for their future happiness.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

In Search of Pride - Blog Tour and #Giveaway

In Search of Pride
Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 1
by Taryn Jameson & Gabriella Bradley
Genre: SF, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
The gods smile upon a weary warrior...

Brenn, a warrior returning home from battle, rests by a tempting magical pool and meets a siren who changes his life forever.
Bound by a curse, he must find a way to save his pride.

He returns from a war far from his home to find that his village is destroyed and his pride missing. With the help of his guardian
dragon, Ciara, he sets out to find his missing family and pride.

After Ciara saves Brenn’s life twice, he begins to realize that he is not as invincible as he once thought. He must accept his limitations and the help of his lifemate to keep him safe.

The Dragon's Lion
Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 2
The rescue of Brenn’s pride sets off an angry tirade from Cewrick that results in curses that almost cripple the Crimson Realm and all of Ierilia.

With the help of Ciara, Brenn leads his crew through the bowels of the planet and the forbidden forest to unlock the secret of defeating Cewrick. But will his defeat end the reign of terror on their world?

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Sword of Betrayal
Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 3
When Erica is granted a commission in the king’s army and gifted a
magical sword for her bravery, she begins to look forward to a future for both herself and her crew. But not everyone is happy with their circumstances.

Erica joins Brenn’s team in the fight to save his planet from the angry god, Zohmes, and she finds herself charmed by more than just the planet. The sexy lion shifter, Laro, claims she is his lifemate, setting her passions ablaze. Stung by the sharp tongues and dissension of some of her crew, Erica pushes him away to focus on the lives of her crew members.
Can Erica accept a future with Laro, or will she let hate and betrayal decide her fate?

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Sword of Judgement
Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 4

Betrayed by several members of her crew, Erica now finds herself in a race to beat the clock. A rare poison injected into the king’s blood from the blade of her sword, threatens his life.

Erica joins her lifemate, Laro, and the rest of the team, on a mission rife with danger to search for the antidote to save the king. With an angry god bent on destroying the royal line by any means possible, the team doesn’t know who to trust or what Zohmes will do next.
Can Erica find a way to prove the innocence of her crewmembers before the blade of judgement falls?

Testing the Crown
Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 5
A throne in peril. The crown challenged…
Born of love and hate, King Biryn must fight between the two. The demons
within surface when the woman he loves is abducted by his great-grandfather, the fallen god, Zohmes.

Zohmes wants the throne. His abduction of Cylena ensures that Biryn cannot beget an heir. Imprisoning her in Yanata, the underground world of Ierilia and his to rule, he thinks he is one step further toward the throne and the surface.

Biryn must now face the biggest quest of his life, to defend his throne and crown. He has to travel to Yanata to rescue Cylena. With his team, his family, and the help of the god Izarus, he descends to the heinous bowels of Ierilia.

Will they be able to save his future queen? Can they defeat Zohmes once
and for all and bind him forever to Yanata?

Taryn Jameson is a mother, artist, and avid reader who lives in an enchanted forest that sparks her imagination to create. Her latest outlet is the written word. She is the alter ego of cover artist Angela Waters.

She loved designing the covers for this series and thought it was a lot of fun
bringing the Crimson Realm to life both with words and visually with the covers.

Gabriella Bradley lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, amidst
rugged mountains. She more than often has a grizzly in her backyard
searching for food. Other critters that visit on a regular basis are
cougars, coyotes, squirrels, raccoons.
She has been a writer all of her life, though only ventured into erotic
works in 2003. Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, swimming,
sewing, embroidery. Favorite movies are old timers like 
with the Wind
Spartacus etc. Favorite music is Abba.

the tour HERE
for exclusive excerpts and a giveaway!

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Weekend Writing Warriors #SundaySnippet - 'Dancing With Fate' - ".."Do you sense danger—has someone followed us?"

Hi fellow  Snippeteers and readers.  Welcome to  my Weekend Warriors post  and another snippet from my fantasy novella, Dancing With Fate. Thank you to everyone who's been following my snippets so far. Don't forget to visit the other authors at the link below this post, there's something for all tastes.

Last week: Terpsichore, muse of dance, has been given a new mission by Apollo, to restore joy and the love of dancing to the Celts of 5th Century Wales. This week we skip ahead to another character, Myrddyn ab Morfryn.
SNIPPET:  (Some creative punctuation from published version, to comply with 10  sentence rule.)

Seven weeks later
Myrddin glanced around; unable to shake off the feeling he was not alone. Far above the outstretched arms of the nearby forest, beneath the slate cliff, a red kite hovered, its haunting cry sounding eerie and forlorn. He raised his arm in greeting,"Good afternoon, my friend, would that I could join you."

Mist drifted across the valley and the rays of the afternoon sun stained the sky in vivid shades of vermilion and orange. A doe, her fawn at her heels, touched his hand with her nose and a family of squirrels played around his feet. He moved forward slowly, gathering twigs for his fire pit, and glanced around every few moments. He must have imagined it, this sense of someone nearby, no sound disturbed the silence except the twittering of the birds, and the buzzing of tiny insects.

He turned to the doe, "Time to take your baby home now, little one, you too, squirrels." The doe gave him one last affectionate nuzzle, then trotted into the forest, and the squirrels scampered up a nearby oak.

Myrddin walked over to his horse, a sturdy beast, black as a starless, moonless night; its long mane fell in waves, nearly to its knees. Surely, Harri would know if a stranger was nearby, and would have warned him?

"Do you sense danger—has someone followed us?

(Cover by Miss Mae)
When Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, is assigned to revisit the land of Wales, her task seems simple enough. She is unaware there is a hidden agenda. Before she can return to Olympus her path crosses that of the mysterious Myrddin, and her heart is lost. But Myrddin is promised to another. His mind is set on the dangerous task that lies before him, and the woman he has sworn to save. Nevertheless, he cannot deny the growing attraction between him and the beautiful stranger he meets along the way. 

 Terpsichore and Myrddin face a deadly force that threatens to part them forever. Is she destined to lose the only man she has ever truly loved? Is there nothing she can do to save him? Finally, when all seems lost, in desperation she finds herself DANCING WITH FATE. 

Don't forget to visit the talented authors who are also taking part in 'Sunday Snippets'

For insider news and subscriber-only info, subscribe to my occasional Newsletter. I promise not to spam and your in-box will only see an email from me every 3 or 4 months or so - unless of course I have something really Newsworthy to share!
"For insider news and subscriber-only info, subscribe to my occasional Newsletter. I promise not to spam and your in-box will only see an email from me every 3 or 4 months or so - unless of course I have something really Newsworthy to share!