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Monday 18 March 2024

Welsh Legends - the Dormarth

Hi everyone, a mythical Welsh creature this week - have you heard of the Dormarth?

The Dormarth (sometimes called the dormarch) was a hound belonging to Gwynn ap Nudd, who was the ruler of Annwn, a sort of Welsh mythical heaven. This legendary hound had two front legs and then its body narrowed, ending  in three fish like tails. Gwynn was responsible for escorting the souls
of the dead slain in the 'Wild Hunt', from the battlefield, to the gates of Heaven, and was helped in his search for them by the Dormarth. I guess this legend has similarities to the Valkeries of Norse legends, who took the souls of the slain from the battlefield and carried them to Valhalla. Unfortunately I couldn't find a  realistic picture  of the dormarth  so here is one of Sirius, the dog constellation instead. (Just imagine it has three fish tails instead of hind legs!)

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