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Beloved Enemy joined Starquest and Children of the Mist to continue the Destiny Trilogy and I'm thrilled to announce was shortlisted for the R.N.A. RoNA Awards 2017, awarded 2nd Runner up in the RONE Awards 2017 and was the winner in the SF/Fantasy category of the 'Best Banter Contest'.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Circle of conspiracy by Cas Peace - Spotlight and #Giveaway

I'm thrilled to be part of fellow Brit, Cas Peace's book tour. I love fantasy, adventure and horses and really enjoyed the Artesans of Albia Trilogy. Sullyan is a brilliant heroine, I've rarely been able to empathise with a female lead character in the way I did with her. She is such a strong, courageous, charismatic person, and yet very vulnerable and sensitive beneath the tough exterior. The other characters are all excellently written too, including the horses. I'm sure I will enjoy The Circle of Conspiracy just as much as I did Artesans. Congratulations on the release of this new boxset Cas. Now let's find out more about the book:

Nine months have passed since Brynne Sullyan helped forge an alliance between the realms of Albia and Andaryon. A fragile peace reigns as both sides recover from the events of the previous year. Then mysterious raiders strike Andaryon villages. 

Attempts are made on the life of Albia’s High King. As Sullyan scrambles to find those responsible, unseen enemies threaten to pull apart everything she has worked for, including her marriage.

The alliance begins to crumble, and Sullyan finds herself caught between two monarchs: the king she’s sworn allegiance to, and the man she loves as a father. To betray either one would break her heart, but if conflict is inevitable, she must make a choice…
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Cas lives in the lovely county of Hampshire, southern UK, where she was born. On leaving school she trained for two years before qualifying as horse-riding instructor. During this time she also learned to carriage-drive. She spent thirteen years in the British Civil Service before moving to Rome, Italy, where she and her husband, Dave, lived for three years. They enjoy returning whenever they can. 
Cas supports many animal charities and owns two rescue dogs. She has a large collection of cacti and loves gardening. She is also a folk singer/songwriter and is currently writing and recording nine folk-style songs to accompany each of her fantasy books. You can listen to and download all the songs from her website: 

See the video of her performing live at the King’s Envoy book launch here:

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Excerpt #3 - from Book 3 Full Circle:
Sullyan turned at last to the one who waited patiently beside her, watching her quietly. Jessy’s warm blue eyes, lighter in shade than her brother’s, sparkled with the life she’d lost too soon, and they smiled her love into the golden eyes that gazed back in wonder. She stood happy and proud, as she’d never been in life, radiating thankfulness, approval and … something else. Anticipation?

We greet you, Brynne Sullyan. We’re very pleased you’ve come back.
Jessy’s gentle voice, a treasured memory for so long, broke another barrier within Sullyan. She accepted back her name, and all that went with it. She felt whole again, although until now she hadn’t been aware of her fragmentation. She raised tear-filled eyes.

Oh, Jessy!
Two arms came around her and held her tight as she wept out all her despair, all the self-blame, all the regret, the longing, the fear, and the shame. In a cleansing rush it came out, and when it was gone, it left her spent and helpless. She was held all the while, although it was the sense of presence in her heart, now beating again with warm lifeblood, that gave her the most comfort. And she realized, with a start of shock, that they had always been there, those comforting influences, the source of her strength and control.

Then the pressure of the arms eased and the spirit of Robin’s sister stepped back.
Come, Sullyan. Time grows short and there is someone yet you must speak with.
The words sounded in her mind—Jessy’s smiling lips didn’t move. Sullyan felt her hand clasped and she didn’t resist the gentle tug. She followed Jessy and, although her surroundings didn’t change, they left the others behind, their eyes watchful. She felt no sense of loss as their figures faded. They were always with her.

Then another presence appeared before her. A thrill of recognition and shock ran the full length of her soul. A woman, delicate and slim, like herself. A fine mane of tawny hair, although not as long as her own. A fine-featured, oval face. Beautiful, warm brown eyes. A welcoming smile that said more than words could ever express. The woman stepped two paces forward, her arms held wide.
Sullyan stopped dead. It just couldn’t be.

Song List:  
Circle of Conspiracy Songlist.

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Monday, 1 April 2019

Hunt of the Gods Areios Brothers #2 by Amy Braun Spotlight and #Giveaway

Hunt of the Gods
Areios Brothers #2
by Amy Braun
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Publication date: June 4th 2019

Two months have passed since Derek Areios—war-scion and heir of Ares—and the band of rogue scions he’s aligned with recovered
both the Thunderbolt of Zeus and the Heart of the Devourer and returned them to the Gods. During the battle, Derek discovered he
could control not only the element of fire, as all war-scions can, but also the dark element “aether,” making him the only scion alive to wield two types of elemental magic.

Commanded by Zeus to retrieve the Trinity Weapons and the Shards of Cronus, Derek and the rogue scions are thwarted in their goal by a gang of water-scions with a grudge against one of the rogues—Thea, heir of Poseidon. Both groups travel to an uninhabited island to recover one of the Shards––the Eye that belonged to Cronus, King of the Titans. But what they encounter will lead them down a path of brutal betrayals, hard truths, painful memories, and desperate actions.

With angry and impatient gods breathing down his neck, a curse that allows Ares to control him, a prophecy he’s desperate to avoid, a magic spear corrupting his thoughts, and two forms of elemental magic, Derek has a lot of baggage—and a lot of power. Will the price of using that power to satisfy the Gods be too much for him to pay?

Mythological monsters, explosive magic, and devastating truths take center stage in the second novel of the action-packed AREIOS BROTHERS series from Amy Braun.

You can find book 1, Storm of the Gods here!

Amy is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author. Her work revolves

around monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem. She started writing in

her early teens, and never stopped. She loves building unique worlds

filled with fun characters and intense action. She is an active
member of the Weekend Writing Warrior community.

When she isn't writing, she's reading, watching movies, taking photos,
gaming, struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction, and diving headfirst into danger in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

For insider news and subscriber-only info, subscribe to my occasional Newsletter. I promise not to spam and your in-box will only see an email from me every 3 or 4 months or so - unless of course I have something really Newsworthy to share! I also promise that I never have and never will share your information or email address with anyone or any organisation.