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Thursday 13 April 2023

Promises of the Runes - Spotlight and review


Promises Of The Runes

He travelled through time to capture her heart.

The amulet was still in the palm of his hand. Was it some sort of conduit to the past? The image of the anguished woman in his vision was seared into his mind. Perhaps it could help him find her?

Ivar Thoresson is desperate for adventure. As an archaeologist specialising in Viking times, he wants nothing more than to travel back to the ninth century as his loved ones have done, to learn everything he can about the era which fascinates him. And whilst his adopted family have always made him feel loved, the chance to meet a true ancestor, the warrior Thorald, is a temptation he cannot resist.

But while Ivar is preparing to go, he uncovers an amulet which shows him a vision of an arresting woman with red-gold hair. Clearly in distress, she is pleading for help. Convinced of the power of the charm and its message, Ivar’s journey takes on a new purpose. He steps back in time determined to follow his destiny – and find the woman who has called to his heart.


I have always been interested in Norse mythology. Although this series by Christine Courteney doesn't deal with the actual myths themselves, they are sometimes mentioned in passing. However, through her time-travelling main character, we get a first-hand view of the breathtaking scenery, and the history and lifestyle of the ancient Nordic people, which is just as fascinating as the legends. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this latest book in the series. The characters are interesting and easy to relate to, and the romance between Ivar and Hrefna is beautifully written. The setting is so well described that I could visualise the scenery, the characters and even their clothing and it felt as if I was actually witnessing the events as they unfolded.

If you enjoy time slip romance I am sure you will enjoy Promises of the Runes - and if you're not familiar with Scandinavian history and the real Vikings, not only will you learn something of the everyday life and customs of these ancient people, but you will be drawn into a gripping adventure and a deep and meaningful romance. This is a wonderful addition to the Rune series.

(Five stars)

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Author Bio –

Christina Courtenay writes historical romance, time slip and time travel stories, and lives in Herefordshire (near the Welsh border) in the UK. Although born in England, she has a Swedish mother and was brought up in Sweden – hence her abiding interest in the Vikings. Christina is a former chairman of the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association and has won several awards, including the RoNA for Best Historical Romantic Novel twice with Highland Storms (2012) and The Gilded Fan (2014) and the RNA Fantasy Romantic Novel of the year 2021 with Echoes of the RunesPromises of the Runes (time travel romance published by Headline Review 13th April 2023) is her latest novel. Christina is a keen amateur genealogist and loves history and archaeology (the armchair variety).

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