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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Weekend Writing Warriors Snippet Sunday - "Mother why didn't you tell me..."

 Looks like Autumn's arrived here in the U.K. We're having  lot of wind and rain, although the sunny intervals are lovely as well.  The leaves are beginning to fall and soon the grass will be hidden again beneth a carpet of red and gold. We're incredibly lucky with our weather though, when I read about some of the terrible weather that you've been experiencing in the States, we Brits have no excuse for complaining about the weather!

I'm continuing snippets from the draft of my unpublished fantasy novel 'The Matchmaker's Mare which takes place in Wales. The  story is told from three p.o.vs. and two time-lines. Today's excerpt is  from  Megan's p.o.v. and takes place in the present. She has just inherited Ty Gwyn cottage from her uncle, unaware of the legend that surrounds it.This snippet is a few lines on from the last one.(Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Rhiannon her story isn't finished yet. 😏)

Don't forget to visit the other authors at the link below the excerpt, there's something for all tastes.

 Megan sat hunched over her laptop, and made some quick calculations. She sighed, and swallowed back the lump that came to her throat as she looked back at the entries over the past year. Oh Mother, why didn’t you tell me you’d accumulated so many debts, and taken out those high-interest loans after Dad died? 

Megan's mother had never mentioned she had money problems, and it was devastating to think she’d carried the worry herself and not come to her daughter for help. At least the sale of the house had covered those debts, but it had been hard to sell the home she'd lived in for so long, and it still hurt to think her mother had kept her money problems to herself. Still, her finances didn't look too bad now, and with what she had managed to save from her previous job, and her work at the vets, she should be able to manage if she was careful. She didn’t have to worry about paying rent any more, and still had a small amount of savings put by for emergencies. She would manage just fine, especially if her plan to sell a few paintings worked out.

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