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Sunday 16 February 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors, Snippet Sunday, Show Australia some love

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Hi folks, 

I hope you had a lovely💗 Valentine's Day 💗and were spoilt or did the spoiling for) your loved one, if only a little bit. I had chocs and flowers from the hubby, dog and horse 😻 )

Something a little different from me for Snippet Sunday this week. (This will probably be the last time I post for a while but I'll try and visit my Writing Warrior friends whenever I can.)

Show Australia Some Love

As I mentioned last week,  The Wild Rose Press, and 48 authors have published three volumes of short stories to raise funds to help those affected by the devastating wildfires.

The ebooks  can be found on Amazon as well as any other distributor where you purchase ebooks. They're available now. Print  versions are also available from Amazon but Amazon will take their cut, whereas all of the money raised on the Wild Rose Press will go to the charity.

My contribution is in volume 1 and is an historical western - a change from my usual SF/Fantasy romances.

My contribution is Portrait of a Gunfighter. It is in volume 1, and is a departure from my usual SF/Fantasy romance, although it still has romantic elements.  Historical Westerns were actually my first love until I started writing stories that are 'out of this world'.

(Please excuse some creative punctuation to conform to the ten sentence rule)

Almost two hours after High Noon; Freemont Street lies deserted, wilting in the fiery rays of the afternoon sun. I draw back the lace curtains and peer through the window, the only sign of life is a single horse, a large bay, hitched to the rail on the other side of the street.

“We’re gonna have to go now, Honey.”

The words, although spoken in a soft tone, startle me, I turn back from the window, to face the four men standing, waiting. 

“Please—please don’t go. Let the sheriff handle it.”

“It’s too late for that now, Hun. You know it is -  Sheriff Behan’s worse’n useless, if he was goin’ to stop it, he should’ve stepped in a long time ago.”

I know, deep down, that he has to go, but it breaks my heart to think he might be going to his death. I look up at him, trying to smile, and cling to him briefly, “Go then, God be with you.”

“We’ll be all right, Darlin’.”

Another hand touches my arm.,“Don’t you worry none, Sweet Lady we know what we’re doing.”

One of the most important anthologies ever! From the authors of The Wild Rose Press.
February 14 was not just Valentines Day—it was also the release date for Australia Burns: Show Australia Some Love.

This is a three-volume book of stories by a total of forty eight authors at the Wild Rose Press. Romance, thrillers, mystery—whatever you like, and something for everyone. We are donating ALL proceeds to the Australia Red Cross, to be distributed as needed to help rebuild, rehabilitate, and help the thousands of people and animals affected by the horrible fires which swept across Australia, and the aftermath of the rainstorms.

Australia Burns: Show Australia Some Love will be available at all online stores. Please help us raise funds to help in this tragedy. It is now available on Amazon and The Wild Rose Press.

NOTE: If you buy the print from the Wild Rose Press it will bring in more money to send.
You get forty eight wonderful stories to enjoy and you’re supporting relief efforts in devastated Australia.

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