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Monday, 11 August 2014

Tribute to Bouncer

Bouncer at the shelter, before we adopted him
Instead of my 'Welsh Legend Monday' I'm devoting today to my beloved little 'rescue', Jack Russell, Bouncer.

Tragically we had to have him put to sleep last Thursday. He had several brain tumours and had slowed down over the last few months, although he was still happy and mischievous, and very, very 'knowing'.  On Wednesday night he started having convulsions and on Thursday we had to make the terribly sad decision to make sure he did not suffer any more.

Bouncer first came into our lives in September 2007.  I had emailed an animal shelter in Wales and they sent me his picture. There were other dogs available for rehoming, but how could I possibly refuse that little face and the silent plea in those dark eyes?  I knew he was meant to be ours.

From the minute he stepped through the door it was as if he'd always been part of the family.  I put the blanket we'd bought for him which he'd been lying on, on the way home, in his bed and he climbed straight into it and curled up, quite at home.  Among his new toys was a red, plush dragon which he 'loved' to death. After a few weeks it was as flat as a pancake, and missing its eyes and horns, but he slept with it every night of his life with us.

He'd been badly treated in the past, and his hip had been broken and allowed to heal without a vet, so it healed a bit crooked and he walked with a bit of a swagger, with his feet pointing to a quarter to three, like a little penguin, as he 'sashayed' along.

He was such an inquisitive little dog and soon found a small hole in the garden fence where he could spy on next door's cat.
I think he believed if he slept on a growbag, he might turn into a Great Dane and not have to stand on flowerpots.

He loved going down  to the horses with us, and would investigate every nook and cranny of the feedroom, where he could probably smell the resident mice and our 'feral' stable cats. 
His favourite thing in the world was his 'treatball' and as soon as he finished his morning and evening meals he would sit and ask for it to be filled with treats and chase it around, batting it with his nose or his paw to get the treats out with a dexterity and expertise that would have made David Beckham green with envy!

About two years ago he started to lose his sight and gradually went completely blind, but he didn't allow it to interfere with his enjoyment of life and still managed to get around and play with his treatball and enjoy his daily 'walkie'. In November last year he had what the vet at first thought was a 'mini stroke' but scans revealed to be inoperable brain tumours. We were devastated.  How could our clever, happy little dog have this inflicted on him on top of everything else?  For a while we thought we were going to lose him, but he was such a little fighter and after a week or so on new medication, bounced back, true to his name, and it was hard to believe there was anything wrong with him, he certainly didn't lose any of his zest for life, or knowing ways, and was still as bright as a button.

We went 'home' to Wales for a few days last week and while we were there he began to have convulsions and we knew it was time to say goodbye to our beloved little friend and companion. He is buried, his paw resting on his red dragon,  in a lovely, peaceful spot on my sister's land, with her two dogs. It seems fitting that he should be laid to rest in Wales, where he came from.  He will be sorely missed by us and everyone who knew him, and will never ever be forgotten.  Rest In Peace little Bouncer, and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful dog. Bless you litter Bouncer. Hugs.
    Sue B

  2. Sorry I meant little Bouncer.

  3. Aw thanks Sue, I know you've been in this sad place yourself with your much loved cats. I'm missing him so much but at least we were able to give him the care and love he so deserved.

  4. Hugs, Lyn. He was a precious dog. Looks like he might have been part terrier. So sorry for your loss. Our pets become so special to us. Our little dog just turned 8 years old. She has seizures on occasion but the vet told us they were common among certain breeds. I've known several people whose pets were ill and then had a bad seizure and had to be put down. Sad.

  5. Hi Linda, thanks for your kind comment. Bouncer was officially a Jack Russell terrier, although he was a bit bigger than the average JR, and I wondered if he might have had a bit of beagle in him somewhere. Seizures are so frightening, and Bouncer had never had one before, although I half expected it, knowing that he had tumours . I hope your little dog will give you many more years of love.

  6. So sorry, Lyn. It breaks our hearts when we lose our furry babies. Bouncer looks like a real sweetie. (hugs)

  7. This brought me to tears. Reminded me of so many that we've lost. I am truly sorry, Lyn. But you and Dave gave him so much happiness and love, he went to sleep, and will always be, surrounded by that love. Hugs!!!

  8. So very sorry, Lyn. I understand your loss, since we had to do the same with our beloved little girl eight years ago. I loved seeing the pictures Bouncer. What a cutie! Animals teach us so much about love...

  9. I feel your pain. We had to lay our beloved canine companion, Shannon, to rest two weeks ago tomorrow. It's one of the hardest things ever, but at times like these we have to put the pet ahead of ourselves. Bouncer's spirit will remain near you. Only look at the wisdom in his eyes! What a beautiful, beautiful boy!

  10. Thank you Cate - yes, he was, indeed, a 'little sweetie' and everyone who knew him, loved him.!

  11. Miss Mae, thank you so much and sorry to make you sad - I know you've had to go through this yourself and it is so hard. Hugs back.

  12. Mary, thank you - it does help to know other people care, and I think everyone who's kindly commented here has known the love of a beloved pet and most have had to bear the pain of their loss and understand how raw the grief is at the moment. I do appreciate each one of you.

  13. Laura, I am SO sorry to hear about your own sad loss of Shannon. As you say, cutting short their suffering is something we have to do if we truly love the, however devastating it is for us. I do feel Bouncer's spirit near me, even as I type, and I hope you feel Shannon with you too. Thank you so much for taking time to comment, even through your own grief.

  14. Lyn, I'm so sorry to hear about your precious baby. We are approaching having to do the same thing to our little Webster. He is mostly blind and hard of hearing, but he still loves being with us. He's on heart medicine and appears happy.

  15. Sorry, Lyn, didn't mean to dilute my condolences with my own problems.

  16. Aw bless Caroline, don't apologise, I've been guilty of doing the same thing myself - it's a natural result of empathising, I think. Thank you so much for your codolences, he has left a huge, gaping hole and I miss his presence everywhere - but I know his memory will make me smile when I've done grieving. I hope your little Webster has a peaceful passing when the time comes. Every minute you have with him will be precious I know, and filled with love, as was ours with Bouncer.

  17. My heart is broken for you. Love you sorry.

  18. Thank you so much Mary, dear friend, he certainly left 'pawprints on our hearts' as the saying goes!


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