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Monday, 11 May 2015

Merry May Blog Hop and Giveaway


Welcome to my stop on the Roane Publishing Merry May Blog Hop
Roane Publishing will be giving away THREE e-titles as a Grand Prize!
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I'll also be offering a prize, details in the Rafflecopter form 
after this post.

(Daddy Duck, Mummy Duck, and you can just see Baby Duck at the reservoir- with a swan in the distance)
Between visits from the farrier, necessary shopping trips, gardening to take advantage of the fact that spring really seems to have arrived in the UK at last, oh - er- and yes, celebrating a contract for the third book in the series that started with 'Starquest' and will probably now be known as 'The Destiny Trilogy', it's been a hectic few weeks.

It's May - and when we get a little time to relax, the other half (Dave)and I love to walk with our 'rescue' dog, Choccy, enjoying the spring sunshine in the countryside around where we live. There is a reservoir with an abundance of wild waterfowl, and nearby woods where there is always a sea of bluebells. As a tribute to May and spring in general, I thought I'd share some pictures with you.

There is a variety of different species of trees in these woods, some of them are very old, and some of them just saplings.

The woods are carpeted with last year's fallen leaves, and in  between the trees, grass, ferns and other vegetation push their way through the leaves

Can you see to the right of the picture, rare 'white bluebells'!

Some of the trees  form strange, twisted patterns, twining round themselves.
The bluebells grow in drifts, looking almost like  pools of bright blue water in the distance
At the edge of the woods, we could see in the distance the Bridgewater Monument, erected in 1832 to the Duke of Bridgewater, in recognition of his pioneering canal development.

and this is the monument itself, with people walking and picnicking under the trees

Men were hard at work in one corner, carving out what will soon be
a natural childrens' play area.

Each season has its own delights, but I have to say Maytime in the woods can be quite magical! 

I hope you've enjoyed your walk around the bluebell woods with me. Please visit the other blogs on this blog hop by clicking on the banner at the top of this page.

 Have a great spring and summer, and before you leave don't forget  to enter my Rafflecopter contest below, to win a copy of my Greek muse novella 'Dancing With Fate' PLUS a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

When Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, is assigned to revisit the land of Wales, her task seems simple enough.  She is unaware there is a hidden agenda.  Before she can return to Olympus her path crosses that of the mysterious Myrddin, and her heart is lost.

But Myrddin is promised to another.  His mind is set on the dangerous task that lies before him, and the woman he has sworn to save.  Nevertheless, he cannot deny the growing attraction between him and the beautiful stranger he meets along the way.   
  Terpsichore and Myrddin face a deadly force that threatens to part them forever.  Is she destined to lose the only man she has ever truly loved?  Is there nothing she can do to save him?  Finally, when all seems lost, in desperation she finds herself DANCING WITH FATE.

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