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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

I always knew Jane Eyre was strong...

...but I never expected to come across her at a steam rally!

As a romance write, I loved Jane Ayre of course, but I was quite surprised to come across her name at a local steam rally. There was  a large variety of steam engines at this particular show, as well as tractors, vintage cars and heavy horses. Some of the engines were even scaled down miniatures - perfect replicas of the full sized versions.

Getting back to Jane Eyre - we love our strong heroines, and Charlotte Bronte's Jane was  certainly a strong character. The steam version proved her physical strength  by winching another traction engine, twice her size, across the arena. The larger engine isn't reversing, it's actually being pulled across by little Jane Eyre!

As well as the magnificent steam engines and vintage farm vehicles there was also a display of beautiful heavy horses, Shires, Percherons (the greys) and the lovely chestnut Suffolk Punches, my favourites.

The Percherons and The Suffolk Punches were driven as 'four in hands' and some of the other horses were pulling vintage farm implements, a Welsh hay sled and an Irish hay cart.(You may want to turn the sound down for the videos it was rather windy, so I apologise for the sound quality.)

I hope you enjoy these photos and videos bringing back images of a bygone era.

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  1. That would neat to see. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue B

  2. Hi Sue, thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Tractor pulls and farm shows are pretty common here in the states, especially in rural areas. I live in a smaller city away from Denver, and we have a tractor museum, and at least two agriculture centers that anyone can tour. I go to the annual tractor show at the tractor museum, it's a few miles from my house. The machinery is impressive!

  4. Hi Susabelle, thanks so much for stopping by. Great to hear that you have tractor pulls and farm shows over there too. I have a 'thing' about steam, I must admit (One day I want to write a 'steampunk'. I love being transported into the past by these magnificent engines, and of course the horses are a added bonus!


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