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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Weekend Writing Warriors - Sunday Snippet 3

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I'm currently posting snippets from Starquest, Volume 1 in the Destiny Trilogy Destiny.  The more she gets to know the crew, the more she feels uneasy about Kerry Marchant, the ship's second in command. (Kerry also appears in the third book, Beloved Enemy and I thought you might like to see a picture of him other
than the one on the cover of that book. (You might notice that he bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain Jimmy Thomas 😉

(although all three books can be read as 'standalones') Jess, who has been rescued from her crippled ship by the starship

“You are rather a long way from home,” Kerry Marchant remarked archly, “considering how small your ship was.”

“She was a Category ‘A’ hyperspeedster.” Jess tossed back her long hair, a hint of pride in her voice as she defended her lost ship. He was right though, she was a long way from Earth. She searched for a plausible explanation. “I’m a...a trader. I was returning from...” she hesitated again, “from Aquarius Seven.”


Was it her imagination, or was there something more than polite interest in Kerry’s voice? She sensed he somehow knew she’d lied about her origins.

This and the other two books in the Destiny Trilogy can be seen at:

When Jestine Darnell is rescued from her sabotaged starship by the crew of the Destiny her only objective is to complete her mission and keep her promise to save a world from slavery. Love is the last thing on her mind. However, she has not counted on losing her heart to Kerry Marchant the ship’s second in command, who makes his distrust of her painfully obvious, despite the chemistry between them. The completion of her mission has consequences that neither of them could have foreseen. 

Enter Dahll Tarron, who becomes involved in a long and dangerous quest to find the Destiny. Fates become intertwined, perils shared, culminating in the realization that sometimes love may be so close that there is a danger it will not be recognized until it is too late…

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  1. Sounds like she might have a hard time fooling him.

    1. Yes - not much gets past Kerry! :) Thanks so much for stopping by, Cara.

  2. Yes, her pauses make it seem like she's hiding something.

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting - you're right, she's not very good at hiding things!

  3. I agree with Jessica, those pauses are killer, as far as making her seem suspiciously untruthful. She needs to practice up on delivering lies apparently! Interesting excerpt for us today...

    1. Hi Veronica, yes, the thing is, despite what Kerry thinks, she is actually normally a very honest person, lying doesn't come easily to her - but she doesn't feel she knows the crew well enough to tell them her real reason for being in that particular sector of space! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. She'd better never play poker until she can successfully lie. LOL Kerry's no dummy. He sees right through her subterfuge Nice snippet.

  5. Absolutely -subterfuge is not her forte! Thanks for commenting!

  6. With all those pauses, she isn't a believable liar. So I bet he does doubt her veracity!

    1. Yep, he doesn't trust her - and she's only lying out of desperation - and because she's not sure she can trust them either!

  7. Anytime someone pauses like she did, it's natural to suspect something. She's not a good liar.

    1. You're right Ed - it actually confirms that she is naturally an honest person and isn't up to anything underhanded, because she's so bad at it - but Kerry is naturally suspicious and she's really ringing alarm bells in his head! :)

  8. He doesn't trust her. At this point I might not either if I saw she had lied.

    1. I agree Elaine, but she's not just concerned for herself and while she may hate deception, she can't risk revealing the true nature of her mission until she knows they're not in league with the 'bad guys'. Kerry is in for something of a shock when he finds out!


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