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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Getting up Steam

Not many people know that apart from my passion for horses, I love steam! (One of these days I fully intend to write a 'steampunk' novel.) There are several steam rallies and festivals in the area where I live, during the summer, and we went to one over the weekend.  I'll leave it to the video to show you these magnificent behemoths of another, gentler age. I apologise for the sound quality, they seem to have had a few problems with the microphones, but it gives you a flavour of the event.

                     As well as large engines, there were small ones perfectly modelled to scale
Also vintage cars , the American ones being especially impressive

But it's the steam engines that I really love, there is something about  these grand old steam engines 
that is just so ... well...romantic! What do you think?


  1. Could not agree with you more! What fun!

  2. Hi Mary - thanks so much for visiting. Yes, steam is a lot of fun - the next one near here is even bigger and has heavy horses as well. Watch this space! :)

  3. That looks like so much fun. They probably have something like that here but; I have not seen it. We do have a lot of antique car shows though. I love the big steam trains. I got to see one up close a couple years ago. An author(the one who wrote Polar Express-sorry the name I forgot) came into town on it for a book fair. It was so cool. I felt like a little kid.
    Sue B

  4. Hi Sue, yes, I love these steam rallies. They have quite a lot of them over here. and many of the bigger ones have vintage cars and heavy horses as well. There are often steam driven carousels and steam organs. What a great way for a writer to arrive for a book fair! Near where I used to live in Wales, there is a narrow gauge railway which takes the little steam train up through the mountains to Devils Bridge, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. I don't know if they still do it, but they used to have a 'cowboy special' and the kids (and often their parents) used to dress up as cowboys and half way up the mountains the local students (It's a University town) used to hold up the train and there would be a 'shootout' with toy six shooters and water pistols. It was a lot of fun,

  5. That sounds like fun. I bet that is a sight to see with everyone dressed up as cowboys. I will have to look for that post. I believe I missed that one.
    Sue B

  6. No you didn't miss the post about the little train to Devil's Bridge Sue, I haven't written it yet!:) I'll try and get it done in the next few weeks!


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