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Tuesday, 1 March 2016


My Monday musings are turning into Tuesday ramblings!  My excuse this week is I had a guest post yesterday for a really helpful book if you're planning a virtual book tour.  I downloaded 'Secrets of Successful Virtual Book Tours'  by Roxanne Rhoads and it has some very useful tips.

Back to ST DAVID'S DAY.  I have hung out my Welsh Flag  as I always do on the 1st March, and it will only come down in October, on the day after my birthday. St David's Day always makes me feel even more homesick than usual, I love the way this Saint's Day is celebrated in Wales, most people wear a leek or a daffodil, many schoolchildren wear traditional Welsh costume  and there are concerts, called Eisteddfods, held in most of the schools, with traditional lunches of cawl, which is a kind of mutton or lamb soup with vegetables, served with cheese and bread, as well as other traditional Welsh delicacies, like bara brith, a fruit loaf,  and Welsh cakes, baked on a griddle on top of the hob.

Who was St David, the Patron Saint of Wales?

He was reputedly born on a cliff top near Capel Non (Non's chapel) on the South-West Wales coast
during a fierce storm. Both his parents were descended from Welsh royalty. He was the son of Sandde, Prince of Powys, and Non, daughter of a chieftain of Menevia (now the little cathedral town of St David's). The site of Davids birth is marked by the ruins of a tiny ancient chapel close to a holy well and the more recent 18th century chapel dedicated to his mother Non can still be seen near St. 550.
David's Cathedral. Legend also says that St David was the nephew of King Arthur. He grew up to be a priest, educated at the monastery of Hen Fynyw under the tutorage of St. Paulinus. According to legend David performed several miracles during his life and it is said that during a battle against the Saxons, David advised his soldiers to wear leeks in their hats so that they could easily be distinguished from their enemies, which is why the leek is one of the emblems of Wales! Becoming a missionary David travelled throughout Wales and Britain and even made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem where he was consecrated bishop. He founded 12 monasteries including Glastonbury and one at St. Davids, which he made his bishops seat. He was named Archbishop of Wales at the Synod of Brevi (Llandewi Brefi), Cardiganshire in

St David died on 1 March 589A.D., at Minevia, allegedly over 100 years old. His remains were buried in a shrine in the 6th century cathedral.

So today, I'll be wearing my daffodil and thinking of my homeland, my heart is there even if I can't be there physically.  Happy St David's Day everyone and thanks to Tim Peake, way up there in the Space Station, for your lovely message to the Welsh people today. I can only imagine how beautiful Snowdonia must look like from space!

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Ben Johnson, Historic UK for some of the above information


  1. Such a nice post, Lyn. I loved learning more about St. David and Wales.

  2. Beautiful post. Love learning about your holidays.
    Sue B

  3. Lovely post, Lyn! I had no idea legend connected him to King Arthur. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Thanks so much Caroline, Sue and Morgan, I'm so glad you all enjoyed the post!


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