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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Linda Burson author of 'Rage' and 'The Past Returns'

I have a guest of a different genre today - just for a change we're steering away from the stars, and Science Fiction and Fantasy to welcome Linda Burson, talking about her romantic thriller series, 'Rage' and 'The Past Returns'. Over to you, Linda.

Rage is a story about love and murder and the conflict of each.  These mental struggles my characters have tear at them, but they remain firm in their behaviors.

My protagonist, Marcy, appears to be a strong, all-together-type young woman, but on the inside, she is broken. She has anger issues that seem to appear suddenly to her and her boyfriend, Brad. What you eventually realize is it isn’t sudden…it was there the whole time, but buried deep inside her subconscious. She has issues, and you begin to see, throughout the series, just how many troubles she truly has.

Though she always appeared in control to those around her, her friends and family eventually see how Marcy is more than out-of-control.  Her rage devours her. She acts in an irresponsible manner until she receives help from a psychiatrist, Dr. Bengali. He is there throughout most of the series helping her through all of her tragedies and with her love life. She is in love with two men who are in love with her, and she cannot decide with which one to spend her life.

You may say this is impossible, but believe me it isn’t. You may see a review of Rage where someone writes they can’t believe Marcy, who says she is madly in love with Brad, can then fall for another man, Liam, so quickly. Obviously, this person believes if they haven’t experienced this personally, that it isn’t possible. I happen to know, for a fact, it is possible, and has happened. Besides, to understand why she does fall in love this quickly, you have to keep reading. It is a series, and not every question is answered in the first book, though I try to make it as satisfying as possible.

This story is one in where you may be able to put yourself in one of my character’s minds, or you may not. You need to read it with an open mind. It is fiction, but it is a scenario where it is all possible. It’s not fantasy, or science fiction, or paranormal. It’s a deep, passionate love story with a dark edge—a thriller that can be intense at times, and then light and fun at other times.

 I like to think it’s like life. Though it may not be about any life you’ve ever known, it’s Marcy, Brad, and Liam’s life. Their issues are not out-of-the-realm. They are real, emotional, tragic, confusing, but also happy, fulfilling, and full of love, joy, and laughter—again, life.

Blurb for The Past Returns:

Marcy and Brad’s marriage is back on track even with the major changes at play.

A new wedding is planned for New Year’s Eve. This wedding is a complete surprise to everyone, and an unexpected pregnancy may interfere.

The men in Marcy’s life become even closer, and a true bond is formed.

After a wonderful weekend with Brad spoiling me—taking me out to dinner Saturday and Sunday, playing romantic music and dancing with me while Evan slept, complimenting me right and left, and giving me his undivided attention, he heads off to work Monday morning. Before he leaves, he tells me he’ll miss me, and can’t wait to see me this evening. He hopes I’m not tired from all the sex we had over the weekend, because he’s planning on continuing our sexcapades as soon as we put Evan to bed.

At first I thought he was trying to make up for lost time because he ignored me all those weeks after Evan was born. I eventually realized, even though that may have been a part of it, it was mostly due to Liam being back in my life. Since Liam is at his house in Vermont packing some of his belongings for his condo here, and fortunately and unfortunately, saying “goodbye” to Leesa, his playmate during his “dead” period, Brad had the luxury of the entire weekend to indulge me…to make sure I don’t forget how good the sex is between us and to show me he’ll do what it takes to satisfy me and make me happy.

Liam called me to say goodnight Saturday evening. It was after this that I noticed Brad’s attention to me increased. I mean, after Liam left for Vermont, we went for a nice, long walk. Brad held my hand, continually kissed it, and told me again how much he missed me while he was away on his three-week business trip. It was after Liam and I said goodnight on the phone that Brad pulled out the music and pushed the ottoman and wing chairs back, making room for us to dance. He held me in his arms closely, kissed me repeatedly, and whispered in my ear about how lucky he was to have me as his wife. This is when I knew his insecurities were huge. I certainly don’t blame him. I felt bad knowing it was entirely my fault that he felt this way, so I made sure he knows how much I love him, want him, and need him in my life. I could sense his relief when I returned his affections ten-fold and told him I can’t bear to be without him.

Since Brad and I spend every minute together over the weekend, I’m not able to listen in to the electronic bug I put in Liam’s wallet. Monday is the first time I can, but I have to get Evan and I dressed, fed, and ready to go to work. Then I need to get to my self-defense class. I don’t know what I think I will hear. I guess I’m still nervous about the agreement Brad and Liam made on Friday about sharing me. I still can’t believe they’ve agreed to it and actually worked it out. I feel like the dam’s going to burst at any second, sweeping me away from this surreal, perfect new life.

About the Author:
Linda is an author from Connecticut.
After years of writing and editing for others, raising a family, and over twenty years of running her own businesses, Linda decided to tackle her first fiction novel entitled Rage, which began as a single book. Eventually, the novel became a trilogy, and finally a much longer series. All the books are a part of The Marcy Series, a romantic suspense series.

Find out more about Linda at:
Website is lindaburson.com 
Twitter: @lindaburson23

Buy Links:
Also available at the publisher’s website: www.classactbooks.com

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