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Beloved Enemy joined Starquest and Children of the Mist to continue the Destiny Trilogy and I'm thrilled to announce was shortlisted for the R.N.A. RoNA Awards 2017, awarded 2nd Runner up in the RONE Awards 2017 and was the winner in the SF/Fantasy category of the 'Best Banter Contest'.

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

RONE Awards - Week 3 SF/Fantasy category including Beloved Enemy

Week Three of the RONE Nominations has arrived and I’m thrilled to befortunate to enough to have a nomination this week. This is so exciting.

InD’tale Magazine's prestigious RONE Awards celebrates the best of the best books reviewed by InD’tale reviewers throughout the previous year.

The 2017 RONE Awards gala event will honor industry professionals at a glamorous party taking place at the Annual InD’Scribe Author and Reader Con in Burbank, California, Oct 12-15, 2017.

If you’ve  read Beloved Enemy (or even if you haven'tand would like to cast your vote this week, you'll need to sign in at the link below (you must sign in to vote, but the two-step process is easy and your information will not be used for any other purpose You're not committing yourself to anything other than the right to vote) 
Here is the link: http://www.indtale.com/2017-rone-awards-week-three 

Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this post and considers voting for my book Your support means more to me than I can say!

Thanks also to Karen Michelle Nutt for featuring us at her blog today:

BELOVED ENEMY has garnered some great five and four star reviews and I just had a lovely four and a half star review on amazon, by Kam  https://www.superkambrook.com/ "The best science fiction tv shows are the ones that have you eagerly anticipating the following week's episode or have you zooming through the commercials because wading through 2.5 minutes of ads feels like eternity... pure torture. When a show is that good, you wish for a few more minutes. When a scifi/fantasy book is equally grand, you crave several more pages.When I was nearing the end of Beloved Enemy, I kept hoping 20-30 pages would magically appear -- much like things in the book. No such luck though. However, despite my wish not being granted, I was thoroughly satisfied with everything I did read.Each chapter in Beloved Enemy contained enough scifi, mystery elements/creatures that maintained my attention from the beginning to end..."
and Kam ends up by saying "And that's all you'll get from me. To find out more.... read the damn book. No seriously, read it. It's a page-turner, for sure!"  

Thank you so much Kam!

Read the full review HERE

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  1. Voted for you. Good luck.
    Sue B

  2. Thank youSue, I appreciate your support so very much! xxx


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