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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

The Christmas Eve Promise - Spotlight and ReviewChristmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas

Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas

Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel (Christmas Eve Series, Book 4) by Elyse Douglas Publisher:  Broadback (September, 2020) Category: Time Travel, Historical Fiction, Romance, Christmas Tour dates: September-November, 2020 ISBN: Available in Print and ebook,  405 pages The Christmas Eve Promise

Description Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel

 by Elyse Douglas

Eve and baby Colleen are travelling to Ohio for the Christmas holidays to spend time with Eve’s parents. After a few days in Ohio, they all plan to fly to Florida in Eve’s father’s private airplane.  Patrick will meet them there after he completes exams for his forensic psychology degree. Nothing goes as planned.  The day Patrick is to leave for Florida, he receives a shocking telephone call from one of Eve’s cousins.  Sobbing, she tells him a terrible tragedy has occurred.  It stuns him and shakes him to his heart’s core. His life shattered, Patrick knows he has but one chance:  he must use the time travel lantern to return to the past in order to prevent the current tragedy. But once again, the time travel lantern has a mind of its own, and Patrick is hurled back to a time where he must confront a strange, unfamiliar world and learn why the lantern transported him there. When Patrick comes face-to-face with a mysterious, beautiful woman who looks and acts like Eve, and whose name is Eve, Patrick is haunted. He recalls the promise he and Eve had made to each other on Christmas Eve the previous year—no matter what happens; no matter if they’re separated; no matter what time or place they find themselves in; no matter what obstacles they must face, they will always find each other, help each other, and love each other for all time. The Christmas Eve Promise is a journey about the enduring promise of hope and the infinite, unbreakable bonds of love.

Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas

The Christmas Eve Promise
Elyse Douglas


In the early afternoon, Patrick sat alone on a park bench in Riverside Park, not far from their apartment.  The morning sun had fled, and the sky had turned overcast, with a chilly wind and a scattering of snow flurries.

Patrick tilted back his head and watched two squirrels in a game of chase, skittering along the branches of tall trees, leaping, clinging like acrobats.  One false step and they’d plunge to the ground.  But they didn’t fall.  They were skilled, fast, and daring.    

He turned his collar up against the blowing wind, noticing that he was the only person in sight, sitting on a park bench as if it were a beautiful spring day.

A dog walker came into view, a tall woman, wearing a long winter coat, boots and a red ski hat.  Her pet was one of those little waddling dogs, with fluffy white hair, a panting tongue and a springy step.  To Patrick, he looked like a wobbling snowball.

As she was passing him, she glanced over.  “Merry Christmas.”

Patrick nodded.  “Yes… Merry Christmas.”

The woman paused, her dog sniffing at the air.  Patrick thought she looked about his own age, somewhere in her thirties, and she was attractive, with a friendly face.  She looked him over. 

“So, are you escaping from the family for a while?  I am.”

Patrick lowered his eyes.  “No…”

She lifted a hand, catching snowflakes.  “We’re getting a white Christmas.  How nice.  I can’t remember the last time.”

Patrick thought he should say something, so he nodded.  “Yes, can’t remember.”

“You’re sitting on my grandfather’s bench.”

Patrick sat up, gently startled.  “Pardon me?”

“No… It’s okay.  It’s just that we dedicated that bench to my grandfather.  See the little bronze plaque on the back?”

Patrick stood up, turning to face the bench.  Sure enough, there was a small plaque screwed into the upper back rail, and he stooped to read it.

The woman said, “It says, To Amos Lewis, a Lover of Parks.”

Patrick straightened and looked at her.  “Yes, I’ve seen these inscriptions.  Very nice.”

“He used to sit there and smoke a cigar.  Smoking is prohibited in the park, but he did it anyway.  He was old school.”

Patrick nodded wistfully.  “Old school.  I can appreciate that.  The plaque is a good way to remember someone.”

“Are you Irish?” she asked, taking a step closer.

“No, not really.  I was born in New York.  My father was from Limerick; my mother from a village in County Clare,” Patrick said, again turning toward the plaque.  “How did you arrange to get the plaque?” he asked.

“You can go online, to the Riverside Park website.”

He nodded.  “Well, that’s a lovely thing, isn’t it?”

“Please sit down,” the woman said.  “I’m sorry if I interrupted you.  I often pass by and look at the bench.”

Patrick kept his eyes on the plaque.

“Is there someone…” The woman said, then hesitated.  “Are you thinking of someone you’d like to dedicate a plaque to?”

Patrick turned, folding his arms across his chest.  “Perhaps.”

The woman didn’t move, but her dog was itching to go.  He looked up at her and whined.

Patrick didn’t meet the woman’s eyes.  “I guess he has squirrels to chase,” he said.

The woman lowered her chin.  “Yes.  Well, yes, I should go.  Enjoy the bench.  By the way, do you smoke cigars?”

“Not in a while… I used to, but that was a long time ago.  Centuries ago.”

She smiled sweetly.  “Perhaps you should have one someday while you join my grandfather on the bench.”

“Perhaps… Yes.  Perhaps I will.”

And then she started off.  “Merry Christmas.”

Patrick gave her a little head bow.  “And Merry Christmas to you and to your family.”

He eased back down on the bench, his low mood falling deeper into darkness. 

Why had he put off the inevitable?  Why had he refused to enter Eve’s bedroom closet, kneel by the safe, open it and remove the lantern?  Yesterday, in a drunken stupor, he’d almost summoned the courage, but he’d stopped in the doorway, stopped cold.


MY REVIEW (four stars)

This is the fourth in this time travel series, and although I hadn't read any of the previous books, I was able to follow it with no trouble, and soon got to know the various characters, who were easy to like and identify with.

I won't go into details about the plot, apart from the fact that it  features a mysterious lantern which has enabled Patrick to travel from the past to the 21st Century, and the book begins with a promise that he and his wife, Eve, will always find each other and always love each other, no matter what time period they find themselves in.

I would have given five stars, but withheld one star for several instances of wandering body parts: (there are a couple of instances with eyes roaming around 😊) and a tendency to change p.o.v. mid-scene. A bit picky, I know, but these did 'suspend my belief' for a minute or two, which was a shame as it is such an intriguing and enjoyable story.

 Yes, I did enjoy this book and will be checking out the others in the series, and I do like the fact that while there is obviously scope for a follow up book, and although it is a series, this story did not end in a 'cliffhanger' like many books do these days. This is a definite page turner and should appeal to any reader who enjoys a proper 'time travel' story where the main character ends up in a time they weren't expecting and needs to get back again.


 Praise for theChristmas Eve Series by Elyse Douglas

“The Christmas Eve Letter is a beautiful, poignant story. It is well written and will have you turning the pages eagerly. All of the characters are well thought out, and believably written, together with the well-constructed scenery, that has you feeling as if you yourself have just stepped into the past. The story is unique and moving. It will hold you long after you turn the last page. A perfect Christmas tale of love and hope.”-Whispering Stories “This book is the perfect vehicle for a movie, and I can only hope that there will be more in the series. This novel is truly as close to perfection as the reader could imagine! 5 Stars!”--My Devotional Thoughts Blog and Reviews “I enjoyed the new characters, an update on characters from the first book, and the possibility for more books.  If you enjoy time travel-themed novels you will love these books!”--StoreyBook Reviews “I am most impressed that this book did so well as a stand-alone novel. Kudos to the author! If you are looking for a good Christmas book with time travel, give this a go!”--Carole's Bookshelves “I love this whole story, and I especially love Patrick and Eve's romance and all of the adventures that they go on together. Eve is exactly my kind of character.  I still can’t stop thinking about the feeling that it gave me and the arc that the characters went on. Everyone really developed a lot in this story and it was so rewarding as a long-time reader to watch that happen. It feels like every new book in this series just keeps getting better and better and I love these characters more and more. Every time a new one comes out I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The Christmas Eve Secret is my favorite in the series so far, but if you have not read the first two books I would recommend doing that as soon as possible! If you enjoy romance, time travel, mystery and great writing, I promise that you won't regret dipping a toe into this series.”--Cuzinlogic

Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas

About Elyse Douglas

Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the married writing team Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington. Elyse grew up near the sea, roaming the beaches, reading and writing stories and poetry, receiving a master’s degree in English Literature.  She has enjoyed careers as an English teacher, an actress and a speech-language pathologist. Douglas has worked as a graphic designer, a corporate manager and an equities trader.  He attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and played the piano professionally for many years. Website: www.elysedouglas.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/douglaselyse Facebook: www.facebook.com/elyse.authorsdouglas

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Giveaway Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas This giveaway is for 1 copy for 3 winners. Print is is open to the U.S. and Canada only and ebook is open worldwide. This giveaway ends November 26, 2020,midnight pacific time. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Beyond the Fall - New release by Diane Scott Lewis

I'm thrilled to welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Diane Scott Lewis to the Flight Deck today, with her thrilling new time travel adventure Beyond The Fallwhich was released on the 5th November.  Here is the stunning cover and blurb, with an exciting excerpt:

Tamara Ledbetter, dumped by her arrogant husband, travels to Cornwall, England to research her ancestors. A trip first planned with her soon-to-be ex. In a neglected cemetery, she scrapes two fallen headstones together to read the one beneath, faints, and wakes up in 1789. Certain she’s caught up in a reenactment, she fast discovers she’s in the year of the French Revolution, grain riots in England, miners out of work, and she’s mistrusted by the young farmer, Colum Polwhele, who’s come to her aid. Can a sassy San Francisco gal survive in this primitive time where women have few rights? Could she fall for Colum, a man active in underhanded dealings that involve stolen grain, or will she struggle to return to her own time before danger stalks them both?


Approaching a fallen headstone, Tamara bent, brushed away dirt, and swore the name Trembeth was etched in the mossy granite. But the years were difficult to decipher. Another stone appeared to be buried beneath this one.

She kneeled and strained to move the top stone, scratching her fingers. The wind swirled her hair again. She blew strands from her mouth and continued to scrape the top stone across the bottom to jar it off, the sound strident. Her arm muscles started to ache. A burning smell reached her nostrils, and she glanced up. 

Suddenly, she grew lightheaded. Dampness soaked through the skirt where her knees pressed the earth. The ground trembled beneath her. An earthquake, in Cornwall

Nausea bubbled up inside. The church and churchyard shimmered around her, like an out of focus photograph. She tried to pull back her hands, but they seemed glued in place. Stifling a cry, she felt what seemed an electric shock pierce along her spine. She grew dizzier, her heart pounding, and then crumpled over like a rag doll into the moist grass.

Purchase Beyond The Fall HERE

Diane Parkinson (Diane Scott Lewis) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, joined the Navy at nineteen, married in Greece and raised two sons all over the world, including Puerto Rico and Guam. A member of the Historical Novel Society, she writes book reviews for the Historical Novels Review. Diane worked from 2007 to 2010 as an on-line historical editor. She had her debut novel published in 2010, and has had several historical and historical-romance novels published between 2010 and 2018.

Diane lives with her husband in western Pennsylvania.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Sins of the Father - Book Tour and #Giveaway

Sins of the Father
Ravage Riders MC #1
by Nikki Landis
Genre: SF Time Travel MC Romance
RIDE OR DIE baby .. .
I was drunk, angry, and spoiling for a fight. The crowded bar was the perfect distraction until all hell broke loose. She walked in.
My world collapsed. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. I never thought I'd see her again. Rae never should have been there
that night . . . but 5 years of regret, loss, and vengeance have waged war inside me, and the sins of our fathers won't stop me from
claiming what's mine: Rae Stenson.
She's my addiction. I need her.
Even if I have to lie, cheat, steal, or kill.
But it may not be the past that we have to confront as the real sins of our fathers wreak havoc in Providence, CA where reality and fantasy collide.
Ravage Riders MC
, first in a series of SF Alien Time Travel Romances with a
twist. Is there anything sexier than gun toting alpha male
bikers . . . who aren't quite human?

Love always deserves a second chance...even if it's a little out of this world.
2017 IPPY Award Winner, Gold Medalist Best Romance/Erotica

Nikki Landis is the award winning author of over a dozen novels, mostly in the romance genre. She grew up sneaking her mother’s romance novels intrigued with the characters, the stories, and the historical
settings from authors that have greatly influenced her writing like
Johanna Lindsey, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, and Bertrice Small.
She is also a fan of the classics and adores Jane Austen. Books like The
Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit have
shaped and molded her vision of fantasy and inspired it, contributing to her popular series The Fight for Light novels. 
Nikki holds two degrees, in Dietetics and Nutrition, and her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness. She’s a wife and mother, spending her free time reading, writing, and enjoying the outdoors.
Follow the tour HERE
for exclusive teasers, excerpts and a giveaway!

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Escape to Africa for just 99c

 It's a pleasure to welcome six fantastic authors to the Flight Deck today, with a collection of great stories ranging from Time Travel to Romantic Suspense,  Historical to Contemporary.
All for oly 99 cents - what are you waiting for, this looks like an absolutely sizzling bargain!

Escape to Africa Anthology ~ 6 stories by 6 Authors for ONLY 99 cents!

Take a trip to fascinating, breathtaking, beautiful Africa, without ever leaving your home! These stories will send you on a journey filled with danger, love, and excitement. Travel from Casablanca to Morocco, across the plains of the Serengeti, to the ruins of Carthage, from the desert of Algeria, to the shores of Tripoli. Six international romance authors share spellbinding love stories told across time.

Dangerous Liaison - Historical Romance by Denyse Bridger
In late 1942, Casablanca, liaisons can be deadly, especially those that involve intelligence the Germans are willing to kill for...

A Pirate’s Lady – Time Travel Romance - Lynn Crain
Amanda Hoskip, a Time Travel Bureau agent, is intent on discovering who is tampering with time. But when she’s captured, she must pretend to be the wife of fellow agent and rescuer, Trevor Haines, which seems impossible because he thinks she’s failed her mission.

Dying to Love You - Contemporary Romance with Paranormal Elements by Alicia Dean 

To avoid purgatory, unloving and unlovable Autumn Baines is sent to the Serengeti where she must perform a selfless deed and find someone to fall in love with her. What she didn't count on was falling in love herself, or that her selfless deed could save a life, but sentence Autumn to eternal damnation.

Treasured Times - Romantic Suspense - Gemma Juliana

Nerissa Noir is a woman with many secrets. Leon Rizzo intends to figure them out, without revealing his own. From the shops of the exotic souk in Tunis to the ancient ruins of Carthage and beyond, deadly mysteries must be solved before time unravels… can they trust each other?

The Ravine of the Wild Woman - Historical Romance by Marie Laval

Algeria, North Africa, 1865.

Lenora Sharp is Azerwal's perfect woman. Brave, determined and unconventional, she is also related to the man who stole his name, his childhood and his identity - the very man and he has vowed to destroy, even if it takes him all the way to hell. Will love get in the way of revenge, or will Azerwal lose his soul before he loses his heart?

An Object of Desire - Romantic Suspense by Jenny Twist

Two students on holiday in Morocco discover that two sinister looking characters are following them. They meet an attractive man who offers to take them to their next destination.  All seems well until one of the girls disappears.

Purchase here: Amazon

Find excerpts and more here:
World Romance Authors

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Amber Legacy - spotlight and Review

Amber Legacy
Amber Gifts Series
Book 3
Kevin B Henry

Genre: S.F., Fantasy, Time Travel

Publisher:Champagne Books, Burst

Date of Publication: November 03, 2015

ISBN:          978-1-77155-209-7

Number of pages:  78
Word Count: 25,000

Cover Artist: Ellie Smith

Tag line: A simple research project goes horribly wrong once murder and time travel get involved.

Book Description:

Mitchell and Crystin are living on the west coast of Florida in the Seventies. He has the beginnings of a loving family and couldn't be happier. It’s remarkable how quickly things can change. Perhaps the fate of a Teithwyr Amser is to never be stable, never find love without defending it against the rest of the world, against evil and against the fabric of time itself.

A simple TV documentary will spin Mitchell out of control as he first attempts to prove the filmmakers wrong and then ultimately find and protect his new family from a monster of his own creating.

Available at Amazon


Part of me was like some detached, immature schoolboy. I was the hero, bound for adventure and looking for the infamous villain with hope of making all things right and returning to the hearth fires of my home, victorious. I was Robert Downey Jr. playing Sherlock Holmes. I was John Wayne playing almost any role. Hell, I was David Tennant playing The Doctor.

The problem was, I wasn’t playing, and if I wasn’t real damn careful I was going to end up playing John Wayne in The Cowboys or even worse, William Shatner in Generations. God, please make my death scene more interesting and meaningful than that. These thoughts poured through my brain as I walked across the street.

By the time I reached the opposite side I exuded cool, matter of fact demeanor and displayed no heroics. Simple confidence was my copilot. Caution was my mantra. I had an almost-wife and a beautiful baby girl to return to.

I took a winding path that led me to Commercial Road. The darkness was all engulfing. More than half the lampposts were not functioning. It cast every turn, every alleyway, every alcove in total blackness. I walked cautiously but without any appearance of trepidation. I did not want to appear an easy target.

Women of questionable morality approached and quickly departed. I was polite, but firm in my refusals. There was certainly no questioning their hygiene or their state of inebriation. A very high percentage of the female residents of Whitechapel turned to prostitution. Most began as a way to make a living, but as they turned more and more to alcohol to erase their memories, the act became more about the next drink and less about the money. Most could be had for the cost of a shot of gin, about fifty cents.

The first victim, Polly, went out one last time the evening of her death because she thought she looked exceptionally well. She had a new bonnet. She had no teeth, but the hat made all the difference, I’m sure.

I found the cut off that led south from Commercial Road and made the turn. Less than a block down this street was the Socialist Club and adjoining the club was a small open courtyard. As I walked toward the club entrance, I heard a sound I can only call a muffled gurgle. I sprinted the rest of the way to the courtyard opening. There, lying on the ground was Elizabeth Stride. Kneeling beside her was the one and only, Jack the Ripper. He was nothing I had ever expected.

The man stood as I came to a halt at the courtyard opening. He was much shorter than I would have expected. I had envisioned a mixture of Vincent Price, Frank Langella, in his early films and just a hint of Malcolm McDowell, again from his younger days. This Ripper was none of those.

As I mentioned, he was not tall, perhaps five foot six, no more than five foot seven. He was portly. That is the only word I can use to describe him. While his clothes fit well, they could not conceal his amble midsection, nor his arms and hands, which I can only describe as doughy.

His face surprised me the most. I had expected to see an angry, scared, possibly deformed individual. Jack’s face was almost angelic. It was round, and I would swear it appeared to have baby fat in the cheeks.

His eyes were sharp, clear and a grey color. He was perfectly clean-shaven, his light-colored hair trimmed short and well groomed, perhaps with lard, since styling mousse would not arrive for many years. I would have expected to see him in a cathedral pulpit or perhaps in a bank, not hunched over the fresh corpse of an unlucky prostitute.


I'm loving this series. Mitchell is a great protagonist, and I love the way he tells his story. This book is just as full of twists and turns as its forerunners.  The reader is transported with Mitchell from the West Coast of Florida, to Victorian London where he is determined to discover the identity of Jack the Ripper.

I'm not going to spoil things for you if you haven't yet read it. Suffice to say that things don't go according to plan. There are several surprises and the climax had me staring at my Kindle in disbelief. Although these stories are complete in themselves, each one leads to the next and I'm desperate to read the next episode.

If you enjoy a combination of time travel, mystery, suspence and romance, I can highly recommend Amber Legacy.

Thanks Kevin, for a hugely enjoyable series!

(I received a free copy of 'Amber Gifts' in return for an unbiased and honest review)

About the Author:

From an early age, Kevin B. Henry was a voracious reader. His collection of science fiction, fantasy and mystery books bring tears of envy to the eyes of many small community libraries.

Kevin has worked as an educator, technology specialist and day laborer most of his adult life. During all that time he lived the life of a frustrated author. That it took 30 years for him to piece together the series, Amber Gifts is a testament that the best meals need slow cooking to bring out the flavor.

The Amber Gifts Series begins with Amber Gifts. The second story, which is really the first, is Amber Prelude, and is available now. The third story, Amber Legacy continues where Amber Gifts left off. It will be available in November 2015. All are published by the wonderful folks at the Champagne Book Group. A fourth story is in the process of being written.

Kevin is a natural story teller, so it’s logical that he lectures occasionally. Topics range from the implementation of cutting edge technology hardware to the creation, modification and use of e-books within education. He constantly pursues research to expand his range of possible topics. His most recent research revolved around the aerodynamic properties of reindeer. He’s also been known to include little known facts and trivia within his presentations. Did you know just 146 years ago today the Union Army marched into Atlanta. It took longer than anticipated. They were delayed by a traffic jam on I-75 and the toll booth on Ga. 400
He continues to live in the Mid-West without human or domesticated mammal companionship.

Amber Gifts Series: www.ambergifts.blogspot.com

Champagne Books www.champagnebooks.com

Twitter:        @Kevin_Henry

Facebook (Amber Gifts)  www.facebook.com/AmberGifts

Also Available